Saturday, 21 March 2015

Managing Stress

I know what you all are thinking, I'm fifteen year old girl I don't know what stress is. Well trust me school is enough to make me want to pull out my hair! I go to an all girls school and yes you may  think its like rainbow and lollipops but trust me its pretty much the entire opposite . One of the school fights resulted in some girl weave being ripped out and left on the grass. Other than the occasional girly drama going to an all girls school is alright but that doesn't mean I like school!

Do the teachers know how hard it is to maintain a good grade and have perfect attendances while trying to balance our social life? By the amount of homework and assignments they give out, I think not. At my school they think its a brilliant idea to have an "Exam Block" which means we have all our exams in one week. I'm not sure about you but just the thought of it right now gets me nervous, by the end of the exam block everyone looks like utter crap Oh I wonder why (note sarcasm)

I'm going to give you guys (whoever you are) some tips/advice and how I manage stress.

Tips and Advice 

1) Always make time for yourself, whether its reading, listening to music or what ever your hobbies might be. Take time off from your busy schedule to relax. 

2) Talk to someone. I know when I'm feeling stressful I tend to rant about it none stop to my best friend and it actually helps! 

3) There will be times where you just can't handle it but just think of it as a big obstacle in life.

Things to do when feeling stressful:

Usually by the end of the week  I'll be exhausted. So I like to run a bath to relax!

Twilight Bath bomb from Lush

Space Girl Bath bomb from Lush

These are two of my favourite bath bombs from Lush, both of these have amazing scents and make your bath colourful. 

Hope your'll coping with exams or what ever it might be, you'll be okay ♡

Love Lisa x


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  2. I think stress doesn't have an age and finding ways to cope with it is always a good thing :) Thanks for the tips and hope things don't get to hectic at your school hahaha

    Good luck with your blog xx

  3. 15 or not, you can always be stressed and that is just something we deal with. Don't worry school goes a lot faster than you think.